Make a Hotel Out of Your Home With Hotel Luxury Bath Robes

Bathrobes have been a staple in every home for as long as we have been around. For centuries, bathrobes have been a basic, utilitarian garments and remained in the closet with other clothing.

As the recent trend of “hotel luxury” has swept through hotels the world over, bathrobes have emerged as a high-end article of clothing. Having a luxury bathrobe in your closet gives you a tremendous degree of comfort and convenience, especially if you stay in hotels.

With a luxury bathrobe, you can throw your bathrobe on in the morning or after you take a bath and not need to worry about changing into your pajamas. You’ll have comfort and protection in one garment. A luxury bathrobe can be your own personal coat of armor, providing silk robe men’s warmth as well as protection from the elements. You can throw your luxury bathrobe on over your pajamas and not need to worry about it being wrinkled in the morning.

The two most common types of bathrobes are robes and robes with sleeves.

Robes are the basic and more common type of bathrobe. They usually have sleeves and end at the mid-thigh level.

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While robes remain the basic type, robes with sleeves are becoming more and more popular. They can be pulled on over your pajamas and are usually longer and come to the upper thigh level. They are generally more expensive than robes and are more comfortable to wear.

How to Buy a Hotel Luxury Bathrobe

Before purchasing a hotel luxury bathrobe, you need to look at the size.

The sizing of hotel luxury bathrobes is more sophisticated than those found at traditional retailers. The sizing is done by the European sizing system, which is called “Anatomy.”

If you purchase your robe online, you can find some sizing information on the return policy. If you purchase  silk robe men’s your robe at a traditional retailer, you will find sizing information on the label or a tag on the product.

Another tip to keep in mind when shopping for hotel luxury bathrobes is to look for specific designs. Most luxury hotels are known for their unique styles and prints.

The majority of the top hotel brands make luxury bathrobes for their guests. The most popular hotels for bathrobes are the Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton, and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.