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Postal facilities are available at main post offices in the cities. Deliveries within Kazakhstan take up to five days, and approximately two to three weeks for deliveries to European US destinations. When addressing mail, the name of the addressee follows the address. Post offices can also be found in the main hotels in Astana and Almaty. Mail addresses should be laid out in the following order: country, postcode, city, street, house number and, the person’s name in the end.

Making telephone calls in Kazakhstan can be a little confusing for a new visitor. Here are some instructions that will, hopefully, make it a little easier. Local Calls‚?? If you are calling locally, how you dial will depend on whether you are using a land line or a cellular phone. If you are calling a land line from a land line, simply dial the local number (last six digits), for example 76 54 32. If you are calling a land line or cell phone from a cell phone, you must dial the prefix: +7 added with the city code (7172 for Astana) or cell phone operator prefix and then the number,  e.g. +7 7172 76 54    32.

International calls
If you are calling abroad from Kazakhstan: Dial for international access (810) + the country code + the regional code (if any) + the local telephone number from the landline and start dialing the number from the country code if calling from the cell phone.

To call Kazakhstan from abroad
Dial the code for international access + Kazakhstan’s country code (7) + the Kazakhstan city code + the Kazakhstan local telephone number. Kazakhstan Dialing Codes: Almaty: 727, Astana:  7172.

Cellular Phones
Cellular communications companies operate on a prepaid system. A SIM card (GSM network) can be purchased in wide array of locations throughout the city. As credit runs out, it can be replenished easily by purchasing more via electronic dispensers throughout the city. They are located mainly in supermarkets, convenience stores and major shopping centers. Most of the companies also offer online payment methods. Credit can also be purchased on scratch cards and loaded onto a cell phone by entering the  code.

List of the reliable cell phone operators: Activ
Contact   info:  
Contact  info:  

Phone +7(727)350 05 00
For mobile 0611
Web-site: http://www.beeline.kz/

Phone: 584 777
From mobile: 888, 889 Web-site: http://altel.kz/

Phone +7(707) 0000707
From mobile: 611
Web-site:   http://www.astana.tele2.kz


The domestic supply is 220 V AC, 50 Hz. Plugs are of the ‚“Schuko” style two-pin with grounding clips variety (Type F) and the European two-pin round (Type C) variety.

The Type C plugs will fit in the Type F fittings but not vice versa. Type C fittings will be found in older buildings. The electricity supply is subject to regular interruption and voltage stabilizers are advisable.

World Electric Guide (http://kropla.com/electric2.htm). Voltages and electrical fittings by  country.

Video Overseas (www.videooverseas.com). Electrical appliance relocation, online-shopping and worldwide delivery.

Adapters are recommended to be brought with you, although increasingly they can be found in Astana.