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Travel & Transport


Astana International Airport one of the most modern air hubs in Central Asia. There are 120 regular daily flights offered by 25 airlines including Air Astana, KLM, Lufthansa, Turkish airlines, Etihad, Transaero, Austrian airlines, China Southern Airlines etc.

Using public transport

Public transport in Kazakhstan is reliable, inexpensive and safe. Operational hours of most buses are from 6.30 am to 11.00 pm. Locate your nearest bus stop and plan your route by bus on http://kz.easyway.info/en/cities/ astana website. You may also use Astrabus App available both in Appstore and Google market. If travelling by bus, try not to wait at bus stops alone. Ask someone to meet you at the bus stop if you are travelling late and have a long way to walk.
Local friends or colleagues can often give advice about the best bus for your destination. Remember it never hurts to ask.
Take along someone familiar with the system and the route for your first trip. Have an idea of where you want to go and which streets will get you there before you use the system.
Vehicles are often crowded, especially during rush hours so pick your travel times if you have some flexibility. Just like in any crowded situation, keep a good hold on your belongings.
If you are travelling a long way by train, make sure someone knows which train you are travelling on and when you are due to arrive.
Always have cash with you and a back-up plan if you are separated from the people you are travelling with.

Using taxis

There will be times when you need to take a taxi during your stay in Kazakhstan – for instance, before or after a night out. If you feel walking is not safe, use a taxi. You need to be aware of some basic safety rules when using taxis:
If you need to use a taxi, ask the dispatching service of the University, the hotel you stay in, or your friends/ colleagues, who will recommend you a taxi company in Astana. Try to use an official taxi only.
Be aware that some taxis are actually private vehicles and may be cheaper, but are not as safe as taxis that you arrange by phone. Both foreigners and locals catch rides in private cars by flagging them down and paying a small fee. If you decide to try this mode of transportation, observe some guidelines: never accept a ride in a car where there is more than one person - just wave them on - and if the car is weaving, assume that the driver is drunk and avoid it. When taking private taxis text someone you know the number of the car you took. If the taxi does not have a meter, agree to the fare with the driver before you get into the taxi in order to avoid misunderstandings.
Sit in the back of a taxi and directly behind the driver, whenever  possible.
It is quite acceptable to chat with the driver, but do not disclose any personal information.
It is better to have your cash ready and leave the taxi before you pay.