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The Venue of the 30th IPMA World Congress is the Nazarbayev University campus, located just 3 km south of the Central Business District of Astana and 6 km northwest of the International Airport of Astana, just opposite of the EXPO-city, which will have hotels, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants inside the new EXPO-city.

Nazarbayev University proposes the use of its:

·         Grand Auditoriums for 1450, 270 and 250 persons.

·         Atrium as an exhibition area.

·         Lounge, rest halls and cafeterias.

·         Conference halls, Seminar rooms and E-training centers (50 - 70 persons).

The University campus produces the setting that balances nature with urbanity with ample greenery and provides a variety of comfortable settings for communication and interaction with numerous gardens, orchards, fountains, green areas and plazas.  From both sides, the Campus is surrounded by the Scientific and Research areas, from Turan Avenue, the Campus is seamlessly integrated with Scientific Park: Astana Business Campus, and from Kabanbay Batyr Avenue, the EXPO-city parts of which will be converted into the Scientific Research Complex. 

Nazarbayev University  is the ideal setting for large-scale events that expect a high level of participation. On its own, it is capable of hosting congress events with 8000 participants.

• Multifunctional Auditorium Complex:

•Atrium, the exhibition area:


•Workshop rooms: 

•Workshop rooms: 

•Ball room (Dinner venue):

•Coffee-break area: