Retaining Water – Water Retention Solution

Retaining water does not have to be. It is not something that has to happen. It impacts the two genders, yet it is quite obvious it affects ladies more. I’m going to show you how to get rid of water retention.

Retaining Water – Answers

  1. Quickly drop 3-8 pounds of water weight

You can do this by drinking more water. It is obviously a paradox. Drink more to lose more. Here’s the reasoning behind it and why ladies are harder hit by water retention.

It is evolution and survival. Water was scarce thousands and many years ago. Individuals died from a lack of water. However, the individuals who retained the most water had higher rates of survival. Their own bodies supplied them with their retained water to get them through the dry season or whatever causes a lack of water.

Since ladies carry children, the body appears to have devised that they should carry extra water. This engenders the species. So what was a blessing many years ago is a revile now.

retaining water

The solution is to drink more water. By doing this, you trick the body into thinking water is not scarce. If it does not think water is scarce, then it frushes your abundance water weight right out of your body within two or three days.

So what you need to do is drink more water drinks more retaining water to the point that your urine is light yellow or clear. That is the best indicator on whether you are drinking enough water.

  1. Stop eating pre-packaged food sources

These things contain a ton of salt. Salt binds water and forces your body to retain it. The simple solution is to go to a more natural diet that has a lot of fruits and vegetables. A great thing about doing this is that most fruits and vegetables have high water content. It is basically like you are eating water.

You can stop retaining water within a few days using these 2 water retention solutions that are really easy.