Kavacham movie is a super action story about aha

In our real life, we often imagine ourselves as fantasy characters. We dream of becoming a hero, an idol who gets appreciated all over. In real life, we all need a protector. Someone to support us from behind. Someone who ensures us that we are safe. Everyone has a hero hidden within himself. It is all about perspective and self-analysis.During the pandemic, the world was suffering. Everyone wanted a glare of hope. Doctors and scientists were giving their all against the deadly virus. Police and the government tried to alert us. In the end, it depends solely on us whether we want to live or not.

For those who stayed at their homes, entertainment was the only source of happiness. The Cinema industry found a unique way of reaching us. Through digital OTT, a new future of the film industry took birth. These OTT platforms streamed many exciting web stories and the latest movies. Even the Telugu film industry had its own the only Telugu OTT platform the Aha got launched in 2020. The viewer can either watch Telugu movies full online or can even download them and watch them later. Here is a review on one of the blockbuster movies streaming on the Aha, Kavacham.

Kavacham is a suspense movie full of twists and turns. In the movie, a police inspector named Vijay saves a girl from criminals. The girl tells him she is waiting for her boyfriend. Vijay accompanied her both shares about their past. Vijay shares his love story, how he falls in love with a waitress. She returned his purse, which was very important for him. He liked her honesty and helpful nature. In the end, he reveals to that girl that Samyukta (Vijay’s lover) left him heartbroken. In the present, the girl Vijay saved her boyfriend and ditched her. Leaving, the girl at the bus stop. Vijay saw an accident in which his mother got seriously injured.

Kavacham movie is a super action story about aha

Hospital asked for a deposit of 50 lakh rupees for the operation. Vijay doesn’t have such a large amount and was feeling helpless. The girl revealed the true identity she told Vijay she is the niece of a multimillionaire. She asks him to plan her kidnapping and asks for 50 Lakh as ransom money.

After lots of denials, Vijay agrees to the proposal. But this was a trap laid for framing Vijay in the kidnapping. Soon, Vijay realized that Samyukta was the true niece of the rich man.

The film had many turns and shocking twists for watching Kavacham’s movie online download, The Aha.

The Aha is an initiative taken by the Telugu industry. Several web shows and movies are streaming on the Aha. These web shows have original and creative content. They could thrill you from top to bottom. Many newcomers have also performed some challenging roles. Writers and directors have tried to present a new generation of drama and art.

The Aha is a very user-friendly hd movies easy to handle. Subscribers can even select movies and shows based on popularity and genre.